Enigmatic Creators of the World

Known also as the Titans, the Makers, Primordials

The Protogenoi are those that came before the world. Whether they predate The Sether or formed from its endless chaos, none can say. What is known, however, is that the Protogenoi collaborated on the creation of Asilah, and were responsible for all life in the known world.

It is said that the Protogenoi were cruel and thoughtless beings. It is also said that they were beneficent and wise. What is true is that The Gods and The Spirits rebelled against their rule and usurped dominion of the Asilah from them.

Less known is the fate of the Protogenoi. Those who died in the Divine Rebellion became the Hwanlo Su. Those imprisoned in the Nether are now known as the Vel’zi.

Whether any Protogenoi still exist in the world is unknown.


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