It is the Age of Fallen Divinity

Humanity lies on the brink of annihilation. Beset on all sides by enemies, the only chance for survival may be for all nations to band together and confront their foes. Yet this is the last thing that they will do.

Heaven lies under siege

Blinded by greed and pride, the nation of Kalitir has marched upon Yetzirah, the grand city of Heaven. With powerful magic and fearless legions, Kalitir has laid siege to Yetzirah for over a century, and the gods stay within the unassailable walls for fear of destruction. This severe transgression has resulted in unexpected side-effects throughout the world. Without divinity to maintain its workings, the mortal world is showing ever-increasing flaws.

Exiled gods muster savage hordes

The beast gods were long ago beaten and exiled to the formless chaos. Their hatred for the work of the gods of Yetzirah is legendary. Now, sensing their old enemies’ weakness, they bring barbarian armies to bear, intent on destroying civilization.

Prophets of the dead spread despair

Some who venture into the underworld return changed. With strange dark powers, they preach the merits of oblivion or slaughter the living. In their wake, the dead rise and the living despair. There are those who seek to travel into the underworld themselves to understand the cause of this, though they fear falling prey to whatever power has turned the others.

Heroes tread upon sleeping titans

The very ground beneath mankind’s feet is made up of the bodies of ancient enemies of the gods. Some mortals worship these sleeping giants, their rituals causing the ancients to stir.

Age of Fallen Divinity

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